2020 Thoughts

Uncategorized Nov 18, 2020

2020 what a crazy unpredictable year. The future seems uncertain, it’s as if we are looking through a shifting haze of smoke, catching glimpses of shapes ahead and as we move not being able see or perceive the terrain. But we know we have to keep moving forward and we can’t stay where we are.  

People are stressed, fearful, angry, depressed and scared. They keep saying they just want things to go back to normal like they were before. News flash, it's never going to go back to how it was. The one thing that is certain is that there will be change.There always is. 

The ninja knew that things could change at any point. The art evolved from times of great stress, during battles and conflicts. It arose from families and villages trying to survive during these periods. The art of ninjutsu was not about conquering but about surviving, going on to live and be happy.  

How did the ninja do that? They not only trained and had ways to protect themselves physically, but ways to train and protect their mind and spirit. Through awareness and observation of their thoughts, words and actions, they trained and made changes to better themselves and their situation. These are the ninja mind sciences. 

We can all use awareness of our thoughts, words and actions both internally and externally to change our perception of ourselves and our situation to live and be happy. Ask yourself are your current thoughts, words and actions leading you where you want to be? Are they making you happy? At Shinobi Science we explore these ninja mind sciences with modern science.


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