A Recipe for Success

Uncategorized Nov 17, 2020

I love to bake. Breads, cookies, dessert bars, pies and this time of year I start to think ahead to my holiday baking.  I usually try to bake something new but there are few recipes that have become holiday standards for me to give to friends and family. One of these favored gift recipes is a Finnish sweet yeast bread called Pulla.  

Pulla is a very versatile bread that can be shaped into many different forms. I usually braid it into loaves or sometimes I will roll it into small individual pieces. It can be formed into different shapes, rings, loaves, knots.... It can also be used to make cinnamon rolls, sticky buns or monkey bread.  You can spread or dip the dough into butter, maple syrup, honey.  You can add cinnamon sugar, brown sugar, crushed nuts, coconut, cocoa powder, chocolate chips.  

As you can see the dough can be used/shaped to create a myriad of delicious delectable treats yet they are all Pulla.  It is like our training.  The kata models give us a principle that if you train and understand it scientifically then there are limitless ways to use the principle to recreate the katas out come.

Kata models are like recipes. Shinobi science is how you bake. 

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