A Safe Space

Uncategorized Dec 26, 2020

I decided to come to the dojo today. Both Mark and Dennis have asked me to read certain books. I know I will be able to focus on what I am reading and studying better here. Neither the cat or dog will be vying for my attention or food. I can’t distract myself by deciding I should clean house, bake something, read one of the other books I have already started or most likely start a new puzzle.

Here it is quiet. Here I am used to training, studying and learning the art. Here I work to introduce and increase understanding in this art for others. Here I am safe to explore.

This is what we have strived to create online at Shinobi Science for those who can’t join us at the dojo.

At Shinobi Science you learn the Shinobi formula so you can understand the art better. The formula gives you a way to study the art to give you a greater understanding of what you need to be happy, healthy and safe. You learn to question and experiment gaining answers to what keeps you safer, healthier and happier. You take responsibility for your training, your life and how you want to shape how you think, feel and act.

In the Shinobi Science Training Community you are safe to explore.

If you would like to learn more about the community click the link below.

We look forward to training with you.

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