A Wise Woman Part One

Uncategorized May 12, 2021

This past weekend I learned from a very intelligent woman her philosophy on how to be happy. There are three parts. First buy experiences not things. Second buy time and third give to a charity you are passionate about.

To me this is a very valuable way to approach happiness. By accumulating experiences not things you have the chance to expand your knowledge and view of others, yourself and the world. New experiences can lead us down new paths of exploration.

For example, take something simple like trying a new cuisine. You find you enjoy it. You then decide to learn how to cook it. As you learn to cook it you learn more about the culture and country it originated from. Learning more about the culture and country you decide to take a trip there. Being there you meet the people, explore the city, markets, museums, countryside and environment. This new experience led you to view the world from a different set of eyes.

As we begin class we recite the phrase Shikin Haramitsu Daikomyo which roughly translated is “In each moment there is the potential for enlightenment.” Each experience is a chance to view the world with different eyes Every lesson at Shinobi Science is creating an experience to increase your awareness and understanding of this art.

We look forward to training with you.

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