A Wise Woman Part Three

Uncategorized May 14, 2021

This past weekend I learned from a very intelligent woman her philosophy on how to be happy. There are three parts. First buy experiences not things. Second buy time and third give to a charity you are passionate about. To me this is a very valuable way to approach happiness.

The past two days I wrote about experiences and time, so today let’s think about charity. It’s easy to believe you don’t have time or money for charity, I am a great example for that excuse. I was laid off a year ago and though still unemployed am spending every ounce of time and energy into building Shinobi Science into a thriving business and community. It would be easy for me to say I am the charity that should be supported. I don’t have excess resources. Yet there are so many creative ways to give back to your community.

I have started cleaning out my closets, bookcases and cupboards. I have donated clothes, coats, soccer cleats, books and kitchen ware to homeless shelters and local charities. I help my neighbor with mowing their lawn and shoveling snow. When my daughters were in elementary school I would create word search puzzles for their classes to study vocabulary words. And as we all know I bake for our training group on Saturdays. These are just a few ways to give back I am sure all of you can find or think of many more.

At Shinobi Science we donate our time and knowledge of the art by teaching LIVE to women. LIVE stands for Lessons In Violence Evasion. It is a program Dennis and I created to teach women how to escape and evade violence. It is an incredible and powerful program that has helped women and girls discover their ability to escape and get home safety. We have been teaching and sharing this program with schools, crisis centers and women's groups throughout New England.

We are now developing an online version so we can share these lessons to a wider audience and donate the program to more charitable groups. This is our passionate cause. Teaching people everyday how to lead safer happier lives.

We look forward to training with you.

P.S. If you would like to learn more about Shinobi Science online or in person at our dojo click below.

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