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Uncategorized Nov 23, 2020

Yesterday on a beautiful sunny day in the park we were training bofuri. Which is our bo staff spinning system for cover.  We warmed up then Dennis started us on a bofuri drill combining the principles and movement we have been training on the last couple of weeks. I started working on the drill. After about 10 to 15 minutes ,I thought this was a bit boring. I already know this.  Whoa what was I thinking?? The minute I think that, I have stopped myself from learning anything new about this and taking my knowledge and training further.   

My teachers both Dennis and Mark Davis, tell us they never think they have mastered or learned all there is of a skill or technique because then they stop learning.  If you do that all the future lessons and nuances you could learn disappear. Any chance of furthering your knowledge is over. You are now stopped in a cul de sac of your own making,  At that point the only way you can start to train again and continue your future lessons is to realize you don’t know it all and train with the eyes to see and a heart full of wonder eager to learn more and continue. 

So I mentally slapped myself upside the head and said you do not know this pay attention to the teachers words and the drill. Then I started to ask myself questions. How can I make this movement smoother? Am I covered the entire time? Are there places where I can cover better? Can I move in all eight directions? Can I do that smoothly and covered? Can I move lighter? Can I move with less effort?

When I ask myself these questions, I always find there is plenty more for me to train on and learn.  When I did that yesterday and started training I did have a new revelation and understanding of cover and bofuri.  And that lesson I can now apply when I work with other weapons or unarmed.  So I am grateful and thankful for the lessons I learned yesterday,  but even more so for the lesson of never believing I know a drill or kata.  If I believe I know already, I have limited my training and understanding from all of the possibilities of my imagination and science of future lessons.

We look forward to training with you.


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