Bear and Squirrel

Uncategorized Nov 15, 2020

I put a bird feeder up at my house a few weeks ago and thus began my battle with the squirrel. Every time I looked out the squirrel was out there knocking the bird feeder around. It even chewed a hole through one of the plastic sides to get at the seed. I tried a classic defense, duct tape. It didn’t work.

I went on the offense. Every time I saw the squirrel I went out and tried to scare it. Despite my significant size advantage, about two hundred to one, the squirrel was not impressed. It would crawl under the deck and wait until I went back in then start its attack on the feeder again.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of my past competitive sports habits of trying to win but in this case I turned to science and ninjutsu. In evolution and self protection it’s not always the strongest who survives, it’s the one who adapts the best to the situation. 

I wasn’t going to defeat the squirrel so I adapted. I got a new bird feeder with a spring so anything heavy closes it. The birds are happy, the seed is lasting more than a day so I’m happy, and even the squirrel is happy. It adapted too. It picks up all the seed that falls on the deck and ground.

Being able to adapt in the moment to any situation in order to survive is the goal of ninjutsu training. We all have to deal with so much uncertainty and conflict these days. Shinobi Science can teach you how to adapt to whatever situation you’re dealing with.

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