Boxing In The Rain

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2020

It was raw and cold at the park today but we warmed up quickly working on shovel hook punches ala Jack Dempsey. Seventy years ago Dempsey wrote a book about his boxing ideas. We have been exploring them because like our ninpo taijutsu they are powered by gravity.

When you embrace nature and understand its power you can ride along with it to great effect. Today regardless of size all our students whirled within gravity and were able to create force greater than they previously thought possible. Does it matter if we use the hundred year old technology of western boxing or the nine hundred year old technology of the ninja if they both lead to the same place?

Science does not replace nature, it strives to explain it. At Shinobi Science we use it to unlock the lessons of our ninja tradition and any other that leads to the power of nature.

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