Calm Chaos

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2021

Last night we trained in the ninja mind sciences. Most people understand this as meditation, breathing, introspection, becoming peaceful. That is just a part of the ninja mind sciences we study.

Last night we trained with osoto gake, a rear hip throw. The version we trained with off balanced your partner by turning them and stepping to their balance to catch them in an awkward hug. They ended up hanging on a gravitational ledge that you controlled. At this point you could direct them to the ground or back up to standing in balance.

We started by doing this mechanically, physical steps, push shoulder, pull elbow, step to their balance, step behind them and hug/support their head. The final step was then to get into gravity and understand the end shape of this kata. We then tried to do this without running through physical steps but sensing where tension in ourselves and our partner held us in place and how to release the tension to create the off balances that led to a controlled rear hip throw.

After feeling and understanding how to get from the beginning stalemate to the controlled rear hip throw, we focussed on our partner and just went from being in the beginning shape to the end shape in one flowing moment. We let go of thinking and were just aware at that moment, we weren't doing a thing we just were.
We became fully attached and cognizant of ourselves, our partner and each moment of creating a rear hip throw. It didn’t look meditative or peaceful while we were creating this osto gake, rear hip throw, but it was.

Sitting on a nice cushion meditating with incense and music is wonderful, it's very relaxing and good for you. Most of the time our lives are not like that, they are chaotic and messy. So we train to be calm and focussed under the worst conditions and by doing that living a safe and happy life is much easier.

We look forward to training with you.

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