Uncategorized Nov 25, 2020

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I have heard many people and friends lament about how difficult and different this year will be as if it is always the same. Thanksgiving has and other holidays have always changed and been different from the time I was a child to now. Growing up in Maine there were years we drove out of state and celebrated with another family. There were thanksgivings with other families in town and students or others who didn’t have a place to go. As I became an adult, went to college, moved, worked and had children Thanksgivings changed.  

My thanksgivings now have morphed so much that our tradition became having a pie brunch with several different pies, galettes, ice cream, whipped cream, tea and coffee.  It is delicious!! This year has changed too. I will not be having a pie brunch with family but getting together with a friend. Thanksgiving for me has changed a lot over the years but I have always made the best of it.

It is the same as what we train for. The ability to make the best in every changing moment.  We do this with the Shinobi formula observing the current moment, the changes occurring and then adapting to make the best of that moment to be safe. We train so we can make the best use of the changes in the environment and situations we are in.

We hope whatever changes you are dealing with it you have the best holiday.

We look forward to training with you.

PS You can find out more about the Shinobi Formula and our online training community below.

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