Uncategorized May 16, 2021

We have people contacting us asking about classes and schedules. We continue to teach classes on zoom Tuesday, Thursday and have added Wednesday night at 6:30pm. Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 11:30am. These will be archived at the Ninja Lab for 6 months so you can view at your leisure if you can’t make class. We also record and archive our Saturday classes which continue to be outside for now.

Anyone that is fully vaccinated is welcome to attend classes in the dojo now. It has been my great joy to have others in class with me and Dennis. At this time those who are not fully vaccinated may attend Saturdays outdoor class with a mask or can join the rest of the classes on zoom.

We look forward to training with you.

P.S. If you would like to learn more about Shinobi Science online or in person at our dojo click below.

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