Comfortable At Being Uncomfortable

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2021

Saturday I had the students start with a drill, standing with their back to their partner. The partner would place their right or left hand on either shoulder. The goal was to see if they could tell which hand was being placed on their shoulder to have a better idea of the person's position.It then progressed through several other drills, and ended with them being against the wall and a knife to their back.

Starting with a very simple drill and then progressing through to a very dangerous violent situation made dealing with the situation less scary, more manageable. It made learning how to deal with the situation somewhat easier. To train with a dangerous and violent situation the more comfortable it is for the student the better they learn. It’s very hard to train and learn if you are uncomfortable, tense and scared.

We want our students to feel safe and comfortable so they can explore violent, uncomfortable and scary situations, to learn how to defend themselves from any situation, so they can go home. The ultimate goal of Shinobi Science is for all of us to live safe and happy lives.

We look forward to training with you.

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