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Last June while out for a walk my dog Moxie was attacked by another dog. It rushed out into the street, grabbed her by the throat and pressed her into the pavement. The dog just kept pressing her into the pavement with it’s jaw locked around her neck. The owners were able to pry their dog off and I took Moxie to the emergency veterinarian, because of course it happened on a Friday night at 7:30pm.

Luckily Moxie survived and I brought her home at midnight with 28 stitches on her neck. It was a traumatic evening. Since then I have practiced using her leash as a kusari fundo and have used it once on another dog as it charged across the street and successfully deterred it from approaching Moxie.

In all the years that I have had Moxie I have not had this happen before. I think maybe this year wirth the pandemic and so many losing their jobs, like me, or working remotely, people are just outside and about with their dogs more.

This year has been so different. I hardly ever saw other people out on my walks with Moxie before, and now I saw many. I also saw entire families playing out in their yard. I saw neighbors I had never seen before. I remember saying to a friend that I‘ve never seen the Mom outside before or I had no idea they had three kids. As the business world shut down many people reconnected with the outside world. They started walking, interacting and learning about their surrounding environment.

Connection is so important, not just to other people, but to all living beings in this world we inhabit. We are part of it, we are a product of it. The more connected and aware we are of what is happening around us the better we move in the most appropriate way to keep us safe and happy. That connection is a big part of what we teach at Shinobi Science.

We look forward to training with you.

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