Controlling The Energy

Uncategorized Jun 30, 2021

Yesterday I took Moxie to a park on my way home for a walk. There was another person there with 2 large dogs. They were on the other end of the field, not leashed as was Ms. Mox. I didn’t worry as the other person noticed us and was taking their dogs in another direction.

As we walked back towards the car I noticed they were coming towards us. The person was holding the larger dog by it’s harness, which triggered my alert system. I started urging Moxie towards the car at a faster pace. I don’t know if the person let go or lost hold of the dog but it started running at us. I grabbed Moxie trotted( at almost 14 she doesn’t run) to the car, opening the door and getting her in just as the dog got to us. I had the leash ready to use like a kusari fundo if needed. Luckily it wasn’t.

The dog halted, stood stiff for a moment and then started wiggling his body, his big head nudging for a pat. His person was running towards us yelling I’m sorry and he’s friendly. As the person and other dog caught us I said my hellos and just told him my dog was attacked last year so I am cautious.

As I left the park I realized my whole body was shaking and knew it was from the adrenaline dumped in my body from the perceived threat. This is one of the ways our bodies react to a threat, being able to use that extra energy to our advantage and not be overwhelmed is part of our training. Being able to quell that energy afterwards and not let it continue to take me to being overwhelmed is another part of our training.

Being alert and able to function no matter what life throws at us is training to live a safer, happier and calmer life.

We look forward to training with you.

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