Uncategorized Jun 04, 2021

Most of us learn and understand fighting and self defense from television shows, movies, playgrounds, streets, school yards, backyards and inside the home. We see people fighting with aggression, strength, tension and anything at their disposal. Mostly we see the person that is stronger, faster, bigger, or with a more aggressive attitude prevail.

What we train in, to be in the moment completely aware and to relax our bodies into balance and gravity is completely counterintuitive to almost everything that we have been raised to believe is necessary to be successful at defending ourselves. We don’t train to be aggressive, stronger, faster or to win. We train to come to a peaceful resolution of the situation. We train to hopefully perceive it before it happens and guide the moments to a different more peaceful outcome.

We train to allow them to have their reality without harming us or those we love. We train so they don’t realize the outcome has changed and we are safe and happy and what they wanted didn’t happen. We train not only to protect ourselves but to hopefully show others another path to a happy and safe life. We train to laugh, love, enjoy and be really sneaky ninjas.

We look forward to training with you.

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