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Uncategorized Mar 27, 2021

Another sunny Saturday and another great day of training. For the first hour we worked on the Chi Kung posture embracing the tree and rooting energy. The goal was to be able to stay in this posture while being pushed from either side or the back.

All of us from the newest student to the senior students started working on this with varied results. We did not achieve success every time, but throughout the training we all were getting better and sometimes everything came together and the magic happened. It worked!!

The second hour we took the new skills we were working on and put them into practice in our martial art.
This is where it got crazy. We started experimenting with how we could take the attackers energy that was exerted and bounce it back into them.

Focussing on using the Formula we experimented. Our movements started to become more imperceptible with greater results. It was crazy fun to watch us toss each other around with the appearance of little to no movement. Not to mention it is crazy fun to do.

That is the goal at Shinobi Science to get more skilled in our martial art and have crazy fun doing it. We train to have happier, safer lives.

We look forward to training with you.

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