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Uncategorized Jun 26, 2021

Ninja Mind Sciences what does that mean to you? To many it means participating in guided meditation, reciting incantations/prayers or sitting quietly breathing and trying not to think.

Today we revisited the Gyokko ryu kata Koku from Thursday night's training. The training of the kata today was through the lens of the ninja mind sciences. To fully understand you would have to watch the class but the main point of it is which goal is your mind focussed on.

Are you focussed on the angle you have to move to? Are you focussed on the strike to the arm? Are you focussed on what your partner is doing? Are you connected to what is happening or in your head running a list of steps to do?

Did the off balance you create move them forward, backwards or have them hanging on the edge of a precipice? Did it create the next opening and space for the next move of the kata you are recreating? Are you in the position to move to the next step of the kata or do you have to adjust to achieve it?

The more specific your focus and intent on the outcome to the other person, the closer you come to achieving it. That was the mind science we worked on today. Oh and there were cookies too!

We look forward to training with you.

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