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Uncategorized Apr 04, 2021

Went for a walk with Moxie this morning and again this afternoon. It’s such a beautiful day.  Here it is a time of new growth and birth. Animals making homes and giving birth, birds migrating to nesting grounds, plants blooming. Spring is here and nature is waking up from the quiet slumber of winter.

If you have been following our posts you know how much I enjoy the winter, What I really enjoy is being in nature. Each season has its own gifts and treasures to discover, learn and savor. 

It is another way of training being in nature and connecting with it. To be present and experience each season in all the wonder it has to offer. We don’t train just to prevent violence we train to be aware in the moment to enjoy life. 

There are many gifts from training but I think the greatest is being aware of our thoughts, words and actions so we actively choose those which lead us to a safer and happier life. 

So wherever you are and whatever you are doing, enjoy your day!!

We look forward to training with you,


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