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Uncategorized Nov 28, 2020

Earlier this year my dog was attacked. Moxie is a chocolate lab which I adopted at a year old.  She is sweet and loves everyone. The biggest threat from her is getting slobbered on. We were walking and she was leashed. We were going by a house when a dog came flying out of the yard, grabbed her by the throat and pushed her down into the pavement and held her there. I thought she was going to die.

The owners got the dog off her. I was able to get Moxie home and then to the emergency veterinarian because of course it was a Friday night. Fortunately we were very lucky. Mox was a big enough dog her throat hadn’t been crushed and the tear in her neck just missed the jugular. Four and a half hours and 25 plus stitches later I was able to take her home. 

Why do I tell this story at Shinobi Science well because shortly after that we started training with kusari fundo. I realized I could use the leash as one even with Ms.Moxie leashed.  I could just have her close to me and use the rest of the leash as a weapon. When walking now if a dog is out unleashed I do exactly that and get ready to use the leash as my kusari fundo. One of the people training with us actually does the same thing and used it effectively when a dog charged them. The dog was unhurt but a rap on the nose stopped the dog. 

So if you would like to learn to use everyday items you have with you for self protection come join us at Shinobi Science because that's how we train.

We look forward to training with you.


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