Everyday Weapons

Uncategorized May 15, 2021

Thursday night we trained with a kusari, a chain or rope weapon against a knife stab to the throat. When I was first introduced to this weapon I thought it was a bit lame a piece of rope really. I have since been educated out of my folly and realize what a powerful weapon it is. Not only powerful but it teaches you that you could use a belt, leash, wire, cable or anything similar as a weapon. One of the realizations that comes from training is that virtually everything can be used as a weapon.

Everyday weapons abound. People tend to think of knives and guns and other things designed to harm as weapons, but almost everything can be used as a weapon if you have the knowledge and creativity to see its potential. I just recently taught a hairdresser how her combs could be used as weapons. Everyday weapons can be even more effective to use as an attacker would never think a comb is a threat or try to disarm you and use it against you, as they would with a knife or gun.

Yet that comb can be used to rake across the eyes, throat or any sensitive exposed skin and used to stab in the throat, armpit or groin among other places. As ninja we train to take advantage of whatever is there, to survive the unexpected often asymmetrical situations to go home to those we love. This takes time, training and an open mind that turns what seems a disadvantage into an advantage.

We look forward to training with you.

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