Fire, Power and Ice

Uncategorized Dec 07, 2020

The last two days have felt like a week. So much has happened. Saturday driving home in our first Nor’easter was treacherous. It was dark, snowing hard, the roads were in various states of somewhat plowed and not plowed and were very slick and icy. Trying to keep the wheels from sliding, fishtailing or getting caught in the slush and snow and dragged off the road was tiring. So breathed and focused. It was a slow drive home.

I was happy to make it home in time for my weekly zoom call with friends. Forty-five mins later at 6pm my lights go on and off several times then I hear a huge crash, an explosion and power goes out. I grab a flashlight, go to the window, pull up the blind and see a huge tree down. It was lying across the road, it took out the electrical lines and ended in my driveway. Live wires are sparking in my front yard setting the tree on fire and burning along the ground and road.

Fantastic, breathed and focussed, then called 911, the fire department and the electric company. The fire Department showed up, put up tape and then left. The police came and had a car on either end of the fiasco. The fire flared and ebbed but steadily got worse in the tree and ate its way down the wire. At 10pm the firefighters came back and started shoveling snow on the fires where they could. Then 30 minutes later the electrical crews arrived. I watched the show as they removed the live wires and started to work on the tree.

The next morning it was cold, sunny and a balmy 46 degrees in my house because I still didn’t have power. Took a deep breath then focussed. I didn’t want to lose everything in the freezer so I bagged it and put it out on the back steps.

I still couldn’t leave because the end of my driveway was blocked by the tree and there was still a branch hanging from the electric wire over my drive. I asked D to pick me up and take me to the dojo for a few hours so I could warm up and charge my phone.

When I got back home in the afternoon I had power. Yay! However my driveway was still blocked so I was not going anywhere.

This morning after calling the electric company again. A crew and equipment showed up and they finally just finished clearing my drive as I started this post.

That’s life. You never know what will be thrown at you. This is what we train for at Shinobi Science, so no matter what happens, how unexpected it may be, you breathe, focus, and do what is appropriate for the moment to stay safe. If you’d like more information about Shinobi Science, focus below and then click the link.

We look forward to training with you.

PS This is the second time this year! February a tree fell, took out the powerline and left live wires across my driveway. It burned, through my paved drive and set the bush in the front yard on fire. Literally had the burning bush in my yard. Lighting can strike twice so be prepared.

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