Focus On The Outcome

Uncategorized May 01, 2021

Everyone did great in class today. We were working with a very dangerous attack where the person gets in close and uses a knife to stab to the body. We actually spent most of the time working on the attack because most of my students, thankfully, have never been in a knife fight.

When you’re looking at something dangerous like this training can be difficult because students get caught up in the ‘steps’ of the technique. By doing this their focus turns inward to what they are doing instead of on the outcome they need to accomplish. The probability of a set of memorized steps working in a real situation is nil.

To get past this we use the Shinobi Formula to keep students focused on the outcome of the steps. This focus becomes their external goal or intent and allows them to maintain an observational awareness of their training partner, keeping them in the moment and able to make any necessary adjustments.

I couldn’t be happier with the results everyone was getting as they ran through the process of turning kata model steps into externally focussed goals and then experimenting with using gravity to control space and achieve those goals. As I moved around to the different groups I could hear them trying to work out together the outcome for each part of the kata model that would eventually take them to a successful outcome of defending themselves.

This process of focussing on the outcome versus memorization and regurgitation of kata models is leading to greater understanding for everyone while training. I’m excited for the training opportunities this will lead to for all of us.

We look forward to training with you all.

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