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Uncategorized May 05, 2021

We started to have classes inside the dojo this week. I was very happy, ecstatic really, to have a companion in the dojo last night. We had a fantastic session training with Jumonji no kamae in Ninja Lab.

By focussing on the external goals of what happened to the other person variations of the kata emerged naturally. We didn’t try to do them. We didn’t even know what they were until Dennis pointed out that changes of our movement and shapes had resulted in a variation with the same outcome.

We had recreated the results of the kata on our opponent with a different movement pattern unintentionally because we were focussed on the external goals of the kata not on what we had to do. It was all about what happened to the other person.

As we relaxed and became more comfortable with recreating the outcome of the kata our movement became lighter and effortless. The results were very effective. The best part is when we were able to recreate these results on Dennis. Making Dennis fly never gets old.

We look forward to training with you.

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