Getting Through To The IRS

Uncategorized Dec 23, 2020

I needed to get my snow tires put on my car and the only time the garage had for me was Wednesday the day before the storm and only if I dropped off the car at 7am so they could work it in at some point that day. The garage is about a mile down the road from the dojo so I scheduled it. Wednesday comes and it is 18 degrees outside and the wind is blowing. At seven in the morning I hand them my keys and start walking toward the dojo.

The dojo is on route 125 in Plaistow. Picture a divided stripmall street. So I’m walking along the side trying to keep warm as the “feels like 5 degrees” winds are blowing and cars are zipping past me. But I make it to the dojo, invigorated and all proud of myself.

At some point I decided to check the mail. Now for this part you have to go back to yesterday’s post to get the back story but to speed this story up I needed to call the IRS. First three calls the answering machine tells me they’re so busy I can’t even hold, I will have to call back. The fourth time I called the machine tells me that I can wait on hold and my expected waiting time is thirty minutes to an hour.

So now I’m working at the dojo with my headsets listening to IRS on hold music and the computer voice telling me that all agents are still helping other customers. Customers? This goes on for almost two hours with me trying to focus on the day’s work with the IRS answering machine voice in my head.

Then the phone rings and it’s the garage so I, with much trepidation, put the IRS on hold and take the call. They tell my car is ready and I can come get it. Now I try to get back to the IRS call and my phone goes silent. I start swiping on my phone and finally get the IRS call back to the front and in my ears I hear all agents are still helping other customers.

Decision time. It’s getting late. I have things I have to do and I need my car to do them but I’m almost two hours into holding with the IRS. So back out into the cold walking along the noisy street hoping I get to my car before the IRS finally picks up. But that’s not how 2020 goes is it?

A few hundred yards down the road I hear a human voice talking to me from the IRS (see yesterday’s post for details). Ironically I’m standing outside a small building where there is a karate school and that’s next to it a used car dealership. The wind is blowing, the cars are going by, and communicating is difficult. So I sneak along the side of the small building and lean in against the wall to stay warm and try to cut down some of the outside noise. I look like I’m taking a piss but I’m talking to the IRS.

An hour later, the IRS problem is solved, I have my car, it has snow tires. I got everything else I needed to do for the dojo done and had a story good enough for two posts. That’s what training in ninjutsu has taught me. You just have to keep going through the craziness and if you don’t take things too seriously, especially yourself, you can make it. That’s what we teach people at Shinobi Science, how to keep going no matter what.

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