Gravity Locks

Uncategorized Nov 19, 2020

Today we finished with the science of Ura Gyaku basics. Even though I have trained in this art of ninpo taijutsu for quite awhile, wrist locks can still be tricky for me. Sometimes it happens easily, sometimes not so much. When I studied in other arts and tried to do a wrist lock it failed most of the time. The answer I was given to solve this problem was to do it faster, stronger, have a more precise grip or tighter grip. None of which worked especially against a larger stronger man. Which was the situation 99% of the time. 

What was amazing for me while looking at this lock from a scientific perspective was the precise concepts of movement in gravity which created specific off balanced shapes that made the lock emerge versus me trying to put it on. 

As Dennis grabbed I created a shape needed to start to off balance him. This moved his hand in a way that it was now available for me to get to the grip I needed. With the grip in place I then moved in gravity creating a shape where his balance was dependent on the edge of his feet and his hand attached to me to keep from falling. At this point all that was needed for the lock to appear was for the wrist to fall in the direction that would completely break his balance and deliver him to the ground.

Throughout this whole gravitational dance of Ura Gyaku it never felt like a struggle. I never ran into his size or felt his weight pulling me down and he wasn’t able to regain his balance. This gave me all sorts of opportunities to strike, kick or take the gyaku to a different angle. Because his balance was so dependent on me I could have easily created different endings, instead of making him fall forward it would have been easy to take him backward or make him fold in upon himself.

The big takeaway from this was that by studying the science of the technique at no point did I have to try and force the lock on. All I did was create a gravitational pathway to form the unbalanced shapes so that the lock would emerge and be given to me. It was so friggin fun.

If you would like to explore some science and have some fun with locks just click on the link below.

We look forward to training with you.


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