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Uncategorized Apr 07, 2021

I always vote this way. We always order this food. We’re a grappling school. I’m good at punching. We always use this service. All of these could be considered preferences or specialities but from a ninjutsu perspective they are all attempts to have an answer before you know the question.

One of the greatest lessons I got from my teacher Mark Davis years ago was one of the most difficult to do but has given me the most benefit. Back then he told me that I was at a point in my training where I needed to give up being good and learn to be appropriate for the moment. I was confused and asked why I didn’t want to be ‘good’. He simply said what if your good isn’t good enough.

I’m often asked by friends what I would do in a given situation and I answer I don’t know. Because of my training I know I’ll do something but until the situation happens I won’t know how to respond. I try to treat people and problems the same way. I want to respond to them and to problems with what is appropriate for the moment.

Our training is about surviving life and death situations, so relying on what I’m good at or relying on being bigger than most people will work most of the time but it only has to fail once for me to end up dead. The years of training with this in mind has shown me that it’s about staying in the moment in a state of constant observation so that I can respond to any situation and never be surprised.

We look forward to training with you.

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