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Uncategorized Dec 03, 2020

This morning was the third class in the science of boxing in Ninja Lab. The boxing we’re looking at is from Jack Dempsey during the first half of the 1900s. Particularly how he used gravity to create aggressive knock out power. 

The week before I had taught a few classes on the kunoichi kamae and taijutsu movement. It seemed to me there would be little to nothing in common between the two but was I wrong. What has surprised me is how similar the kamae and mindset are between the two.

One description of kamae I learned from a Japanese senior teacher is that it’s a fence that you can leave open to let people in or close it to protect what is inside. In the kunoichi kamae the fence is closed. Usually with one foot forward, the knees come forward and toward each other creating a teardrop shape keeping the opponent at bay and protecting a concave shape of space in front. 

The boxing kamae can actually be morphed into from the kunoichi kamae strangely enough. From the kunoichi stance one would open the fence, so to speak, by turning the back foot out. The knees move away from each other and forward creating a convex, wider stance. Both are balanced and control the space directly in front of them.

If you look at the self defense situations that these two different kamae arose out of, they share similarities. A boxer or a kunoichi has to face the confrontation head on. Running away from the confrontation was not an option for either. There is limited space for them to move in and they have to stay in it until it is over. They both want to finnish it as quickly as possible because the longer the confrontation goes on the more likely they are to get hurt or make a mistake.

Because of their similar situations both the boxer and the kunoichi have come up with some very brutal weapons and deadly techniques that can be used in very close quarters. The cool thing is we have both styles in our toolbox to train in and to use if necessary.

If you would like to learn more about these styles click below. 

We look forward to training with you.


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