Inter Dimensional Travel and Training

Uncategorized Dec 01, 2020

Happy December all!

Today as I was walking I was thinking about Dennis' article and where I am in training. Sounds like a simple enough question to answer but like everything in ninpo it is not.  Why is that?  Well it depends on my intent and the situation. 

In developing our women’s program LIVE the intent was on evading and escaping the attack. The focus is not on defeating the attacker but about riding and redirecting the energy to take advantage of open spaces and get away. It is more a reactionary prey response to a predator by being in the energy of the attack at that moment and using it to escape.

I have trained the most with this intent and focus. I am naturally inclined to this mind set. It made the most sense to me. In these situations with this focus I move most of the time in the 5th dimension allowing the attacker to believe they are winning while constantly evaluating our relationship in the 3rd and 4th dimensions.

I have played sports and had great focus in the game or event. I could see the whole picture but with our training if the intent was to control the attack I had trouble finding that focus. I would frequently be focussed on what I had to do, not on the attacker and the moment.  With the Shinobi formula I have been able to take my focus to a new level of experimentation and results. This is allowing me to increase my understanding of  all five dimensions of training.

The 5 dimensions of training are not linear, they intermingle and overlap. Think of them like a venn diagram rather than a linear path. As we train our focus moves in and out of these dimensions. The Shinobi formula helps us maintain our focus in the overlapping section of all five.

If you want to join us in exploring all the dimensions of training in our art just click the link below.

We look forward to training with you.


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