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Uncategorized May 09, 2021

Once again today we looked at jumonji no kamae kihon kata and although it is one of the fundamental kata models of Gyokko Ryu the students discovered a number of advanced concepts using the Shinobi Formula.

Unfortunately most people when they learn a kata model believe that the model is the lesson. The model is just the starting point. From it you have to unlock the external goals of each part to understand the effect it has on the attacker. You then have to use the Shinobi Formula to focus on gravity, shape, positioning, alignment, timing, cover and decision making while attempting to recreate the effect goal on the attacker.

This process within the formula is repeated over and over with every kata model training in two directions, one developing more and more specific goals to affect the attacker and second using gravity more and more to achieve those goals. The result of this process is to unlock the lessons our martial ancestors hid within the kata models. The cause and effect relationships that make up our art.

We look forward to training with you.

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