It’s All In Your Mind

Uncategorized Apr 26, 2021

Most view the martial arts as a sport or a very physical exercise practice and in many martial arts that is what it is. Most martial arts study with the end goal of winning. At Shinobi Science we study with the end goal of surviving.

Many people would look at this as the same thing, yet it is not. To survive means the other person can believe they are winning, it means you don’t have to defeat them.

In my Togakure Ryu leadership class we study how to use the opponent's energy and strategy so they feel successful and believe everything is going well until it’s not. We let them have their reality, while we slip away unnoticed or they end up on the ground wondering how they got there.

Ninjutsu is all in the mind. How do you stop someone who wants to punch you before it happens? How do you act in a way that is incongruous from what they expected?

We train to not have to compete with a person to win. Instead we train to change their perception, of where we are, of what is happening, so that they are confused about what action is needed or not. We train to survive so we can go home safe.

We look forward to training with you.

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