It’s F***ing Hot Two

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2021

It is blistering hot out now, the temperature is 93 feels like 99. Lovely, but thank goodness the dojo, being situated partly in a hill like a hobbit house, is nice and cool. So we are still training without becoming a dripping mess.

This morning's class we worked on a grappling entry drill for throws. The drill teaches you how to use your body alignment to target the seams and weak spaces on your partner/opponent. You then enter into those spaces, taking control of their balance to create an effortless throw. 

It’s a fairly simple drill that can be done with or without a partner. While it teaches you how to use your body alignment for targeting with throws we also looked at how to use the body targeting to defend against a punch or weapon. Like most of our drills and kata, the principles that are found in them with Shinobi Science can be used in many different situations.

Learning multipurpose principles from one simple drill while staying cool, no sweat.

We look forward to training with you.


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