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Uncategorized Nov 23, 2020

On a recent science podcast they were talking about the effects on the brain of long term anxiety, specifically with the current pandemic. One of the things that happens is people experiencing this anxiety can get a tunnel vision perspective of what’s going on. The brain creates the perception that this is the way it is and this is the way it will continue.

When this illusionary perspective takes over people tend to think they have no options, they are unable to see the bigger picture. There are always options because there is always change. Everything in nature is changing.

The kanji for nin in ninja can be translated as perseverance, to keep going. It is part of the ninja mind sciences to understand that there is alway change and if we keep going that change will bring opportunities for us to change our situation.

To change our situation we must take appropriate action for the moment. These actions are preceded by the words we repeat to ourselves, which come from the thoughts we allow in our minds. Everyday the ninja use awareness to observe their thoughts, words, and actions to determine if they are moving toward the life they want to live or away from it.

Whatever the situation is it will change. Accepting this and taking the responsibility of being aware of our thoughts, words and actions so they are appropriate for the moment is the way the ninja keep going. It is how we persevere.

Keep going and we look forward to training with you.

T and D

PS You can find out more about these ninja methods by clicking on the link below.

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