Knives Out

Uncategorized Jun 23, 2021

Last night we trained with knives. The attack was being grabbed by the shoulder and then having a knife pressed to the side of our throat. I had a great training partner and even though this is a very uncomfortable and dangerous position we had fun and learned a lot.

I practiced escaping from my partner's hold and taking control of the knife, which I would then redirect towards them. To have some fun I started directing my knife into the other training groups and Dennis. To me it was hilarious. I may not amuse anyone else but I do amuse myself which keeps me smiling, giggling and seeing the world through a child's eyes and wonderment. But I digress.

What was interesting was that as I directed my partner's knife into the others they would tense up and try to move away going against gravity. When the knife got close or made contact with Dennis he reacted by relaxing down and covering, limiting my accessibility to him. He has changed the habitual reaction most of us have to tense up and push away from danger into relaxing into gravity to escape and cover.

This is what is at the crux of our training, increasing our awareness of our habits and changing them to become safer and happier.

We look forward to training with you.

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