Knockout Punches

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2020

This past Saturday we were training on the shovel hook punches. As we refined the technique keeping our elbows in and down floating in gravity and figuring out how to deliver the strike we started moving each other around. Not just like a step back but several steps. Especially after we finally figured out how to hold the pads for these strikes. Honestly that was the hardest part, Dennis had us make several adjustments before we got the pads right.

My training partner who is smaller than me was focused and moving slowly but connecting the punch to pad correctly pushing me back a few steps. My partner doesn’t like to hit and definitely did not want to hurt anyone. (I know her children disagree with that statement.) Which was extremely fortunate for me as if she had put any intent or just a little bit of energy or speed I would have been lifted off the ground. Most likely landing on my butt.

These punches are incredibly effective and powerful when done with the Shinobi formula. I can understand now having practiced them how you could knock someone out with just one punch. Definitely delivering more power than I thought I ever could. If you are looking to create knockout punch power Shinobi Science can help. For more information click below.

We look forward to training with you.

PS Welcome home Joe and goodluck!

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