Lies, Choices, and Science

Uncategorized Jan 07, 2021

Being lied to is not your choice. Believing it or not is.

How do we choose what to believe? In this social media driven world we now inhabit there are many players trying to make you believe what they say. With their ability to reach out to so many so fast we are constantly bombarded with their spin of events. How do we choose what to believe?

The ninja were first and foremost information gatherers. Combining that legacy with modern scientific tools teaches us to question everything. What is being said by all parties involved? Who do they represent or work for? What’s the timeline? Where are they getting their information? Has it been verified by other sources? If it’s scientific, can it be reproduced? Questions are powerful.

The problem is that your brain’s number one job is to regulate how much energy you use versus how much you take in so you can make it through the day and keep living. Questioning things uses energy, a lot of energy. Especially when you are questioning your beliefs because now you’re getting into rewiring of your brain. The point is most people don’t bother to question because it takes less energy to just seek out information that agrees with what they already believe.

To grow and become the person you want to be, you have to question yourself and your beliefs. And that means questioning the information to choose to believe. Here at Shinobi we use the ninja tools of awareness and the scientific method to question everything we do. We seek out multiple sources of information then test what we find.

I have always told my students to not take my word for anything I teach them. Question it, research it, verify that it works for you. That’s what the Shinobi Science Online Community is all about. Questioning and exploring the lessons of our martial tradition with science. You’re welcome to find out more by clicking the link below. Your choice. I’m not lying.


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