Locks as an Emergent Event

Uncategorized Nov 13, 2020

Our Shinobi Science experiments yesterday were looking at the comparison between doing a wrist lock versus having the wrist lock emerge as a product of the shape of a person while they are being affected by gravity and their position in relation to the defender. Kind of a nerd way of saying are you trying to force the lock on or can you get the attacker to move in a way that gives you the lock.

We looked at the relationship between the attacker’s center of gravity, their center of mass, and their balance line as we moved through the steps of the wrist lock kata model. We found there are particular shapes the attacker’s body contorts to as their balance is broken and the lock appears.

The next experiment was to focus on creating those shapes which led to the lock emerging. Once we understood the shape needed to capture the balance of the attacker we could cause that shape to occur in other ways by looking at the other joints of the body and where they were in relation to each other. With this information we could experiment with kicking a knee or finger jabbing toward the eye’s to get the attacker to move into the shape we needed. 

A way you could look at this on your own would be to just move yourself as if the lock were being done to you. Feel when your center of gravity, your center of mass and your balance line go out of alignment. Then notice where all your joints are, knees, hips, shoulders, etc. When you get to try the lock with your training partner, affect one of these joints to see if you can get them to fall into the shape needed that gives you the lock.

As we always say to our students, don’t take our word for this go and experiment. We’re here to share science ideas applied to our martial arts. Good science is about asking questions and then doing the experiments.

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