Martial Arts and The Money Myth

Uncategorized May 27, 2021

Once upon a time there were martial arts masters who shared their hard earned lessons with seekers of knowledge just because they were impressed with the prospective student’s enthusiasm. They shared these lessons without concern of compensation because they were following a moral code of honor that didn’t concern themselves with financial gain. It was an honor and their duty to pass on this knowledge.

Sounds great and if you’ve been in the martial arts for any length of time you’ve heard some version of this. The only problem is that it’s complete bullshit.

Martial arts masters were trusted advisors to the throne. They were sought for their knowledge and wisdom. And they were compensated for it in the financial system of their time, position, land, food and treasure.

Family traditions of martial artists would use their skills for survival of themselves and their families. Their services either had value in the safety of the group or sometimes they were sold to others for the group’s benefit.

Martial arts instructors were not walking around looking for an enthusiastic young pup who believed they were special and deserved to be taught. If the prospective student was not connected through family there was often some type of application process to assure the prospective student was worth the instructor's time and effort. And then if accepted there was compensation in some form for those lessons.

This childish fantasy about benevolent martial masters sharing for no compensation is just that, a fantasy. It ignores the realities of the martial arts and why they were developed, for survival. Survival today and throughout history has always involved some kind of financial framework where value is transferred for desired knowledge.

It also shows a disregard for the effort of time and money that the teacher had to expend in order to learn the material. This goes hand in hand with our society’s disregard of expertise and ageism. A true martial arts master is built over time, with expenditures of effort and funding to do so.

Why would I disrespect someone who has done that by asking them to give me that information for free. I have been studying with my teacher since June of 1988. I have paid and will continue to do so for any lessons he is willing to share with me. My payments help him keep his dojo open and continue his own training, both of which help me with my desire to learn from him.

At Shinobi Science we want to share our scientific training programs with prospective students who want to learn and improve their life. To do so we have to pay the bills. So we interview applicants to be sure they are mature enough to handle the material and information we provide and that they will use it properly. And we provide payment options for them to compensate us for their desire to learn.

When we find these people and they join, the mutual arrangement works beneficially for both parties. We have students who have been paying us and enjoying lessons for decades. This is what adults in our society do when they find something they want to experience. Determine if it is right for them and then pay for it.

We look forward to training with all who are mature enough to see reality and take responsibility.
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