Men Who Listen?

Uncategorized Jun 09, 2021

How many times do you see as many women in the dojo as men? Have you ever been in a class where there are more women than men? Is there a woman who teaches classes regularly, on her own not as an assistant or just the kids' classes?

Here at Shinobi Science it happens all the time. Women are treated with respect and the same sarcastic humor as the men. My teachers Mark and Dennis are responsible for this atmosphere. They treat all students respectfully and regard everyone as a serious student of the art.

I have trained and taught in other martial arts but this art and these two teachers were the first to ask my opinion and other women's opinions on what violence we faced. They asked us what it was like for us, what we needed, what we felt.

They also understand the prejudices that women face so often in the martial arts. They understand that any violent interaction we face will be asymmetrical; it will never be a “fair fight”. They teach us how to fight and defend ourselves to survive not win a competition but survive to go home to those we love.

My voice and those of the other women here at Shinobi Science is heard and is listened to. It is just as important to the training, to the art, to the dojo and to the teachers as the mens.

We look forward to training with you.

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