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Uncategorized Nov 27, 2020

This is NOT a Black Friday Sales message. We don’t have sales. We don’t want customers. We want members in our training community.

The Shinobi Science Online Training Community is the evolution of a way of teaching and training in the ninja martial arts that started back in 1992. Back then I had a small group who trained with me once a week in my basement. Twenty-eight years later one of those people, the one responsible for me starting the training group, still trains with me and a bit of his story starts our story.

You’ve heard the phrase “Go west young man”, well he did. However in those days there weren’t many ninpo taijutsu teachers, which meant we had to figure out a way to keep training together over the phone. Now for those of you who are a bit younger than I am that meant a hand held device with a very long cord attached to it and to the wall.

We couldn’t Zoom or even share YouTube videos training consisted of off the wall analogies and the phrase “ok, put the phone down and try this…” I wasn’t really his teacher as much as I was his experiment guide. We would take a concept from the training, talk about it and then come up with an experiment for him to do. He would then call me back with his results and based on that we would continue.

The two biggest outcomes of this method were he had to take responsibility for his own training and I had to get more and more creative with my analogy explanations and experiments. We have continued this for now going on three decades. Technology has made it much easier then when we started but the basic premise still remains. The student is responsible for their own training and we continue to improve our explanations and experiments with science and creativity. 

It works. A majority of our members have been training for more than a decade. The newer members are progressing faster than ever because of the advances in technology and our training science. So this is why we’re not selling you something today. 

We’re not looking for a fast sale to push our books into the black before the end of the year. We’re looking for community members who are willing to take responsibility for their own training and who love the martial arts. We’re looking for people we want to spend years training with. 

So if you’re interested you can find out more by clicking the link below. If you like what you see you can fill out an application for membership at the site. We’ll take the time to read your application and then let you know if we think you’ll be a good fit.

If so we look forward to training with you.


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