No Separation

Uncategorized Nov 20, 2020

“When properly applied, the kamae reflects the ninja's heart. This means that our physical nature conforms to our intentions, and there is no division between our interior and exterior aspects. This state of integrated mind and body action is totally natural, and can be observed readily in the movements of animals as they interact with their environment. Only human beings seem to develop the need to be trained in natural body motion.” -Masaaki Hatsumi

Many martial arts have training for the mind in addition to their physical training. However very often these are seen as separate subjects. The mind and its ability to focus and think are seen as one aspect, while training the physical body in techniques and katas are seen as another aspect. 

People often say the mind and the body as if they are separate but they are one and the same. I studied morphogenesis in college. It taught that every human starts from a group of cells that then differentiate into other groups of cells which then go onto create organs, musculature, and other systems that are needed to become a viable living being. So the mind and body come from the same raw material they are connected and intertwined together. If you remove one from the other it results in death. 

Here at Shinobi Science we recognize that physical training affects the neurology of the brain and that focus of the mind affects how you physically move. The Shinobi Formula used in our training is a merging of observation, focused intent and physical shape used to control the space of a conflict in every moment. If any of these are removed in an actual conflict it could result in death. 

While we may perceive our internal and external states as separate, training physically and mentally are one and the same. Being present in the moment, observing what is actually happening and being capable of allowing your body to outwardly manifest what is necessary to survive is the ultimate purpose of our training. 

The benefit of these unified lessons in our everyday life is that we learn to remain present in the moment and respond appropriately to whatever may occur, be it mundane or extraordinary.  As ninja we meld the mind and body together so that when a knife is held to our heart we will persevere and survive.

We look forward to training with you.


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