November at Shinobi Martial Arts Center in Plaistow New Hampshire

monthly curriculum Oct 26, 2017

Whats Happening at Shinobi Martial Arts in November

Thanksgiving Holiday The Dojo will be closed from Thursday November 23rd to Sunday November 26th for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Everyone have a great weekend!

Little Ninja students are working on all their great injury prevention and evasion drills and they will learn how to escape from two handed shove or a choking attack.

Level One Ninjutsu White and Yellow Belts are looking at an Earth Level martial arts defense against  a waist tackle and an Earth Level martial arts defense against double wrist grab.

Level Two Ninjutsu  Red and Blue Belts will be working on a Fire Level martial arts defense against an jabbing punch,  a Fire Level martial arts front hip throw called Ganseki-nage, and a Fire Level martial arts kicking techniques called Shi-ho Keri.

Level Three Ninjutsu Green and Brown Belts will be working on a wind response outside a heavy straight punch, a wind response to a hooking kick attack and an elbow/ shoulder lock  called Mu-sha-dori.

Sneaky Ninja Club is working on how to defend against multiple attackers.

Shinobi Martial Arts
95 Plaistow rd
Plaistow NH 03865

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