Patterns In Weather and Training

Uncategorized Nov 14, 2020

We train outside on Saturdays at a local park.  Four weeks ago we were in rain gear. Three weeks ago it was boots, winter gear and 3 inches of snow . Last week it was over 70 degrees so shorts and t-shirts. Today it was 48 degrees and partly sunny so back to hoodies and jeans.  

The weather seems crazy, unpredictable and following no pattern. How in one week do we go from a winter snowstorm to a balmy summer sunny day? It seems to make no sense but to a weather scientist, a meteorologist, who studies wind, humidity, temperature and can see entire systems as they move and interact around the world, patterns emerge which allow them to predict the weather.

Many who see the art we study think It seems as crazy as the weather. It looks like it makes no sense and follows no set pattern. How can training partners create the same effect on each other grappling, striking, or using weapons when one is twice the weight and 10 inches taller? How is this possible?

It’s possible because we study the principles of this art as martial scientists. We look at gravity, the mind's perceptions and intentions in each moment, how the body reacts, how humans move in space and time.  We study how each thought, word and action affects the moment.  We don’t blindly trust, we experiment and train to teach ourselves what works. Shinobi Science is a path of formula, experiments and science that allow others to train and learn the art.

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