Percussion of Nature

Uncategorized Dec 10, 2020

This morning Mox and my walk as usual was full of sound. The sound of wildlife birds, squirrels, dogs, cats occasionally deer, foxes, horses and donkeys depending on where we walk. The sound of cars, trucks and busses are present going by us on the road or in the distance if we are in the fields or forest. This morning there was a new sound. It was the percussion of ice and snow falling and hitting the ground.

As those of you that follow Shinobi Science know we had the first Nor'easter this past Saturday. The trees and bushes are covered in ice and snow. They look frosted and crystalized.

Today was the first day above freezing since the storm. The warmth of the day has the snow and ice letting go of their hold on the trees, giving in to gravity and falling to the ground. It creates the beat of pops and smacks as it hits the ground. The sound of percussion filling the day in the fields, forests and roads. The sun and the sound made for a beautiful morning to begin the day with.

Like the snow and ice that stop clinging to the trees letting go and falling into gravity, in this art we stop clinging to being tense and using strength. While tension may give you the sensation of strength it is very different from accomplishing strength. We let go of tension, relax and float in gravity falling into the appropriate kamae shape for the moment. The kamae shape that will create power, keep us covered, safe and in control. We are part of nature and learn to move appropriately with it.

To learn more about how Shinobi Science uses and is part of nature click the link below.

We look forward to training with you.

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