Power of Nature

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2021

Driving Saturday morning in a torrential downpour, with the wind gusts taking out power lines, I thought, is anyone really going to show up to train? When I got to the park to train well yes they did. We are all the same kind of crazy.

Luckily we had an awning to train under so we were not getting completely soaked. It was an interesting day to be outside. As we practiced, stopping our partners punches, working on our breathing we listened to the rain pounding all around us and the wind thrashing the trees. The wild force of nature around us was incredibly powerful and yet beautiful.

It is what we train in. We practice to float in gravity and move with the nature that is inherent in us but that we have forgotten as we grew to adults. We are finding our way back to fluid natural movement. As we continue to train, we create moments when we experience the powerful and beautiful nature of floating in gravity and being in the moment. The more we train the more we move with the power and beauty of nature.

If you would like to experience the power of nature click the link below for more information.

We look forward to training with you.

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