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Uncategorized Dec 24, 2020

This is a holiday and celebratory time of the year for almost everyone. This year for many of us it is very different. We are not getting together with as many family and friends as usual, or not getting together with anyone. For me Christmas day usually starts with sticky buns and family. This year is different. It will be zoom calls, favorite movies and popcorn yum! And yes a walk with Ms. Moxie, my dog.

However many are still traveling and getting together with family and friends. The important thing is to stay connected and informed about the travel conditions and ways to keep yourself and loved ones safe. To do what is best, safe and comfortable for you and those you gather with.

In other words as we say here at Shinobi Science what is appropriate for the moment to keep you safe and get you home to those you love and who love you.

If you would like to train and learn more about how to be safe during your journeys of any type, please click the link below.

Happy Holidays to all, Enjoy!!!


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