Sensing Intent

Uncategorized Jun 19, 2021

Today we trained with advanced capability 5, sensing intent. We used the mind sciences lesson from Thursday night class, sensing gravity, balance and tension in ourselves and our partner versus thinking about doing the kata.

Today we worked on sensing the intent of an attack from behind. The hardest part of today was twofold, one challenge existed on the attacking side and the other challenge on the receiving side.

As an attack some found it difficult to grab their partner and then stab them in the back. (I know it's hard to believe with this group.) To create the same physical shape and intent of a stabbing attack without the mental anguish, the person would say to themselves as they did it; I will move this forward until it is in the space in front of my partner. This allowed the person stabbing to create the effective shape of the stab to the back without thinking about it as such. It also gave their partner the energy and shape necessary for them to sense the intent and use it to their advantage.

The second challenge was getting the person being attacked to be patient, waiting in gravity to sense the attack and just evade. In the beginning most were rushing to act and get to the second part of the kata getting control and finishing. There was very little sensing intent at the start of class and a lot of rushing and movement to do the “thing”.

To do the “thing'' appropriately in the moment, we have to sense intent. As class went on everyone became more focussed, relaxing into gravity, spidey senses alert, ready to sense the intent and disappear. At the end of class each one of us got in the box with our back to Dennis. He attacked each of us differently with intent and we all lived. It was a great day of lessons and training. We celebrated with peanut butter chocolate bars.

We look forward to training with you.

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