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I like to snowshoe. I like it because it is another way to get outside in the winter. I especially like it because Ms. Moxie, my dog, can hop in the car with me, go to any forest or field and traipse around without the need to worry about ticks. It is also very beautiful to see nature's way of making a place sparkle and shine. It is so very beautiful.

A few years ago we were working on yoko aruki, sideways walking, in Boston. It became the warm up for Friday nights class. So when winter came and I started snowshoeing, I decided to experiment with yoko aruki.

I started this experiment on flat and gently rolling ground where there were no obstacles. At first because I was worried about tripping my steps were too big and I was swinging my foot out too far. As my yoko aruki smoothed out and became natural I started going on rougher terrain. Places where I had to climb over or around rocks, stumps, logs or running water. I used yoko aruki in different types of snow, hard packed, powder or crusted where you break through with every step. When I was going along a brook and found a fallen tree that was a bridge to the other side it was with yoko aruki I crossed.

With this in depth training both in class and snowshoeing I gained new insights and understanding of the principles and use of yoko aruki. At Shinobi Science this is how we train. We set up different experiments so you can explore new concepts and gain a better understanding of the principles and uses of this art.

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