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Uncategorized Dec 22, 2020

On December 15th I got a letter from the IRS, never a good thing. I opened it up and it tells me they are charging me a late fee because my return was late, which I was sure it wasn’t. The date of this letter is November 9th and they say I have to November 30th to pay them $410 dollars.

Please remember I’m reading this in the day’s mail on December 15th.

I not only got a letter in the mailbox from the IRS but there is also a card from the post office that says I have another certified letter from the IRS that I have to sign for. Oh and by the way there is no postage mark on the letter from the IRS, remember this I’ll get back to it.

So I jump in my car drive down to the Plaistow post office and show them the notice for the certified mail. The nice man comes back and tells me I have two. I sign, start to walk out and realize he has given me certified mail for someone else in our building. I give him back one and take mine out to the car.

Rip this one open and it is a notice of intent to seize my property because I didn’t respond to the letter they sent me on November 9th that I had just received and opened twenty minutes earlier. They also charged me interest of $1.18 so now I’m up to $411.18 that I owe them.

At this point I decided to call the IRS. I’m going to tell you the story of getting through to them another time for now I will just tell you that two and a half hours later I got through to someone. After a very professional disclosure of who she was and her identification number, we went through all my information to confirm who I was and why I was calling. It was at this point that my day took a turn for the better. I had reached someone who knew what she was doing.

Here’s the synopsis because the actual story took another thirty minutes which when you read my future post about getting through to the IRS, I guarantee you will be laughing. Any way here goes.

They received my return on March 23rd. Once again there was no post mark on my mail to them, just a received stamp date done by whoever receives the mail for the IRS. Then their system or the next person just doing their job decided that the 23rd is after the 15th so I must be late, thus starting the process around November 9th of informing me.

Of course the USPS did their part and didn’t post mark that letter and let it drive around for over a month until it arrived on the 15th of December bringing us full circle to the start of this post. At this point was where Doris, a most wonderful person who knows what she is doing said, it’s obvious to me if the IRS got it on the 23rd of March with the state of the USPS you obviously sent it in before the 16th (the 15th was a Sunday). And then she told me she was going to cancel the entire thing.

After expressing much gratitude and wishing her a happy holiday I hung up the phone four hours after receiving the first letter. You may ask what any of this has to do with the martial arts but I see this all the time. People just do things without knowing why.

They practice something without knowing if it is a drill to pass on a skill or it’s a technique that could be used in a real confrontation. They repeat something the way they learned it years before and never change it as they ‘progress’. Most of the time it is because they weren’t fortunate enough to have someone who knew what they were doing and could guide them.
We were lucky enough to have Mark Davis as a teacher. He generously shared with us the knowledge of which kata are drills and which are techniques. He started us on the road of discovery which we continued with our nerd love of science. And now three decades later we are helping others through the confusion.

If you would like to get some help with your training click the link below.

We look forward to training with you.

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