Stopping Hook and Shovel Hook Punches

Uncategorized Jan 14, 2021

By the title you can tell what we worked on today. Stopping not blocking. Blocking implies going out to get the punch to stop it. With the size differential between Dennis and I, if I did that it would end in me bouncing off Dennis and either landing on my butt or flying across the room or both. Not exactly the outcome I am training for.

The way to stop the hook was to figure out what force vector was needed to stop the punch. After that it was what retaliatory strike would create the force vector and shape necessary to stop the oncoming punch and strike my partner.

Once I figured out the shapes needed it was a matter of maintaining intent and staying focussed in the moment. Intent and focus propelled me from my starting kamae to my ending kamae which stopped the punch and delivered my strike sending Dennis flying.

Superpower engaged!

This is the outcome I train for. It was an amazing feeling and fun too!! If you would like to train for superpowers, have fun and feel amazing come join us. Just click the link below


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