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Uncategorized Dec 11, 2020

I had a short conversation today with a friend of mine who is also a martial artist, dojo owner and businessman. Due to the pandemic we haven’t been able to visit each other this year at any of our martial arts events. We talked about family and friends and made sure everyone on both sides of the conversation was healthy. Normal stuff for this not normal time.

Then we talked about martial arts and business. Only for a few minutes but in that time frame we shared observations of the current situation, talked about the direction we were each going because of it and what our initial plans were to get there.

Change a couple of details from either side of the conversation and you would be hard pressed to tell which story was which. Because we have similar goals, similar training and similar experiences we were able to connect in a very short amount of time and then give each other suggestions and feedback to help out. I got off the phone inspired again to get back to work and move forward.

This is the extra ingredient I feel makes Shinobi Science special. Yes we’re using technology to communicate lessons and experiments through pre recorded and live sessions. And we use modern science to explore and understand the physics and neurology of martial traditions that go back hundreds of years. However that extra ingredient…


The Shinobi Science Online Training Community brings together like minded martial arts enthusiasts who are willing to take responsibility for their own training and to use science to explore that training and share their results with other members.

To be able to keep training in age-old principles of self awareness that lead to safety, health and happiness in these difficult times is great. Sharing those experiences with others who are on the same path and help us keep going is special.

If you would like to find out more about joining our community click on the link below.

We look forward to training with you.


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